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Traumprinz - Diva

Traumprinz - Diva

Musician: Traumprinz
Album title: Diva
Style: House
Released: 2016
Country: Germany
Size MP3 version: 1840 mb
Size APE version: 1764 mb
Size WMA version: 1417 mb
Rating ✫: 4.2
Votes: 974
Genre: Electronic

Traumprinz - Diva

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Traumprinz - Diva
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Traumprinz - Diva
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Traumprinz - Diva
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A1 Good Vibrations (Kasha's Main Vocal Mix)
A2 Good Vibrations (Kasha's Instrumental Mix)
B1 N.Y. Diva Has Been Set On Fire (Kasha's Short Vocal Mix)
B2 Set Your Lovin' (Kasha's Bad Romance Short Mix)

Companies, etc.

  • Mastered At – Dubplates & Mastering


  • Mastered By – CGB*


still find it incredible that traumprinz basically ripped off this trackhttps://hearthis.at/knacksen/brett-knacksen-bcklerpark/
* * * Traumprinz does it better * * *
Maybe Brett Knacksen is Traumprinz . . . . .
part of me wants to believe they're friends... but dang!
sampled from this one i thinkhttps://www.discogs.com/Black-Box-Ride-On-Time/master/117300At least 10 words must be entered. Please enter at least 9 more.
T o o T r u eBut remember where Black Box got their sample from:https://www.discogs.com/Loleatta-Holloway-Love-Sensation/release/75599
Now up on their website! Mothercave repress, Kettenkarussell new&repress, Traumprinz 02&06 repress, various Staub represses, Mind Over Matter repress, Edward repress, Reiling repress...be quick!
The website is giegling.net . Of course most of the stuff is now sold out, but new releases were added that are also worth listening, especially Leafar Legov's new ep.
The Traumprinz = Pom Pom theory gets a bit more weight after listening to this one
Bad Sunny
Everybody has an off-day. This is Traumprinz's. When I first listened to this I honestly thought it was a joke. Got that sinking feeling when I realised it wasn't. He's made some incredible music, and I'm lucky enough to own some of it. This release proves he's human after all.
No way! This is fire! People were on the floor with arms up and shouts of joy..
don't expect traumprinz when it says kasha...word word word word
Who says it's not a joke - could be a tactic to deflate the hype...
Pretty quiet pressing. Kinda surprising cause I'd never noticed it on my other Giegling/Traumprinz stuff. Anyone else think the same?
Yeah i have to turn up the volume more than ususal ;) but I know what you mean and i feel the same
Like a talented sadist, Good Vibrations is irritating in a way that's both captivating and oddly satisfying.
The track samples "Sweet Sensation" by Lloretta Holloway. 'Kasha' is probably another covert pseudonym he uses when he mixes his own tracks in certain styles.
Not quite. The track samples "Love Sensation" by Loleatta Holloway
fantastic production - in memory to the good old timesb-side --- *** without words *** dance dance dance
B2 is like Traumprinz met Prince of Denmark in a dark alleyway. This is peak time house / techno at it's best with a much better use of vocals to the A side, which definitely goes one step too far. I would have paid the asking price for this track alone.
I disagree. Olin dropped NY Diva in New York at like 4 AM and the place went nuts! There was about 40 or so of us and to hear this track go off, talking about the underground, way down. It felt special. It felt like for once I was a part of something. This was even before I knew it was a Traumprinz track.
if he pressed the track from the RA Podcast with the Olive - Your not alone sample on a single sided piece of vinyl - I'd throw my money at him...
Agreed. Imagine if he released B2 together with that elegant first track from the recent Traumprinz - Live at Planet Uterus mix and that incredible 'Faith' track from the same session... that EP would've been an instant classic in my book. Still, it's all good. Just opinions.
Exactly my thoughts. B2 >> B1 >> A2 > A1 for me.
I have to say I definitely disagree that this is a classic Traumprinz and it is also not as good as the older ones like 01-04. The releases before were not these typical peak time tracks. They were much more elegant straight house tunes, more soul, smarter use of samples, unique. Nevertheless this is a great vinyl, absolutely worth buying (not on discogs, thats for sure...) to complete the Traumprinz saga in your crates! I hope for some new PoD in the next time!
Mind Over Matterwatch out what is the point of minimum word limit
The people moaning about this being a bad record are just trying to push prices down. Don't listen to them, it's an incredible release and they know it.
no really, REALLY, we don't know it. thanks honey x
I know that this release is as incredible as your seller feedbacks on this website, i would avoid both personally...
Is Kasha the alias he uses when he makes music while incredibly intoxicated?
Good release! Sounds classic Traumprinz to my ears. Can't wait for the next one.
It's a floor filler for sure and usually I am really digging the nonchalant sampling of well-known bits (Say Or Do as an example), but here he pushed it too much. Together with the obvious use of effects, which one can clearly here on the instrumental, the record sounds a bit cheap. At 4am no one on the dance floor, including myself, will care though. I just hope that in the future his records will sound more like All The Things than Traumprinz 06.
This is bed as sheet. I am disappointed, honestly..The B-side is in fact a tiny rescue for this EP, but still not what I expect from Traumprinz :(DEFINITELY not worth the price and hype. If you are going to pay 30 euro+, go for any other Prinz EP.
Was yesterday at Hardwax. I saw at least 7 copies still at the wall. Great vinyl, but don't pay €40!!!!!!!!!!
Been listening to this for the past few days. Not really digging it. The remixes are sluggish executed compared to everything else he has put out. The only reason this release is so hyped is because it carries the name "Traumprinz".
I totally agree on you with this. I almost got along with the hype. Buying it online in the store from the comment section, before listening to the ep. Luckily found a youtube link where I could listen before buying. After listening the tracks a few times, i cancelled the order. Definitely not his best work.
great ant
wouldn't say he's being disrespectful, and this is a review/comment section, criticism should be expectedsounds like you're just hurt because he doesn't have your opinion honey(ps i agree, this isn't his best work at all)
Cherry The Countess
There is so much soul and love in his music and all you've got is scorn. It's sad really.If you don't like it, don't buy it. Criticising other people's work so disrespectfully while staying anonymous yourself is pretty poor.But hey, it's the internet, the playpen of the morons (including myself :) !
A1/A2: Vocals are extremely annoying after a few seconds. The track clearly geared towards peak-time big-size-festival crowds who are tripping balls thinking the world makes sense to them for a second. Thanks for the Instrumental Mix - my clear choice from the two. B1 is an acidy-punchy house track. Great for build-up. Nice "house lyrics". Not a big fan of the violin samples, but I guess it's just my taste. Definitely something new but clearly a Traumprinz track.B2 is a mysterious, dark-ish kind of track. Great voice for the vocals - not too much, just to the point. Sounds like Prince of Denmark made a Traumprinz track.All in all, "just another" Traumprinz release - and I mean that in a good way!Availability: Stores in Berlin (BCR, OYE, Bikiniwaxx, Rotation, etc...) have or will get this release this/next week. Hardwax has lots of copies left (today = Friday), but from what I heard: one per customer (obviously), offline/in-store only... just like the good old days!Get offline and go wax hunting!
sadly those of us in the US are SOL right now :(
If anyone is able to get a copy locally and wouldn't mind sending it to the US, then please message me. :)
hey man i saw the record here actually i just both it !! you can order i guestgood Luckhttp://grooveattackrs.bigcartel.com
i got a copy in hard wax today! whoever it selling it for £60 wtf
Did you buy one today? i was there 4 days ago and they were sold out
If anyone knows where they sell it in Amsterdam, please let me know. Already been to Rush Hour but it's sold out there. Or if anyone could buy it for me in Berlin or whenever and wants to earn a little extra money and send it to me, please let me know! Desperate to have this one
I just visited RH, they will get a restock and online sales will start coming week
Awesome!! I sent you a DM. Thanks in advance. Cheers
I asked RH and they said they didn't expect any new ones...
For Cologne residents: record is sold out at Kompakt store at the moment, but they will get some more copys soon, maybe next week... and yes, it seems like this is a store only thing, like many have mentioned before...
Trash Obsession
digging the B side, A side not for me I think...
B2 samples Midway - Set it Out, which was also used by Omar-S a few years back on https://www.discogs.com/Omar-S-002/master/217723
Just got mine at Hard Wax Berlin! So you should run to the store (for those who can). Or call a friend like I did!
Got one too some minutes ago, so if you're close by check it out
For all the rumors going around concerning an online distribution:http://www.juno.co.uk/products/traumprinz-06/631042-01/
Looks like Juno has removed the page for Traumprinz 06
record has been for sale at rushhour but is sold out - of course. Has it been for sale on giegling site?
Seems like there'll be offline only distribution. At least that's the information they gave @ Hardwax.
watching to future
we should keep in mind that previous releases all where released first on the Giegling site and then in stores. So, this ones different
I call bollocks. Of course they will release this to online distributors, in particular via the Giegling webshop. They have done this with every Traumprinz release.
Is that for sure it won't be sold online? Thanks
you must be kidding. Thanks Giegling for supporting loyal customers
Record is gonna be sold only off-line by selected record stores.
A side is for odd moments, B side is for the busy underground. New feel and confusion - it is a quality record. well done surprise.
Lonesome Orange Kid
Date and time of availibility for new arrival at giegling webstore would be much appreciated so we can enter the line franticly pressing refresh like a bunch of sheeps
Someone's already trying to flog this for €75. That's a disgrace.
I don't even know what this sounds like but I know I need a copy.
Snake Rocking
Totally feel you boy! And why didnt someone rip each track on youtube already?!
Copies available at Hardwax, I buy mine one hour ago.
they have no more. i was there today. too bad. 75$ thats redicolus
all gone :( Please enter at least 7 more. SO SAD
my mistake guys, I was checking in the online shop as am silly, didn't realise it was an in shop release only :) :)
me too! :) I think other 6 or 7 available.
sure ? i pickedup mine at 3pm today. . .
And it's gone word word word word word word word
Someone know if there will be a global release of this ?
At ADE this weekend I heard that there will be a release for this one. Don't know when though.
strangely, I started to feel more and more alienated from his output since he'd become a popstar of Giegling. so-called underground is in most cases just another marketplace with it's own audience and when it becomes crowded, comfort and intimacy fade away somehow, even if it's a vinyl record, even if you don't buy it from an actual store anymore. interestingly, almost noone knows of remotely similar music in my area, and I've got no friends regularly listening to this type of music or parties with it (perhaps I'm not very eager to go to them seeing the way they are usually held nowadays.. or do I worship a "mythological era of openness that never was"?). I guess it's just an elitist arrogance from my side. and it's surely a strange world we live in.
ah, I see that you're one of the 'i knew him before it was cool' kind of people eh?
I hear you hommes. Not sure this is going in a direction I like anymore either.
not a single one for sale for hundreds of euros already? ;)
Has this already been and gone on the giegling shop????
Still getting a proper release in the near future i imagine though? The one track of it that was on youtube's gone now, can't even remember if i liked it that much
No, it was an instore exclusive at rush hour amsterdam. Apparently some presale copies were given to selected vinyl stores.
damned does anyone knows when it will be released???? cant wait to have this dope